Twelve Foot Davis Events Park-- Peace River, AB

Alberta Foundation for the Arts
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    The Flood

    Water everywhere and no place to go. The ice jam on the Peace River blocked the flow of water which quickly backed up, inundating the town in a very short time.

    Ice Jam

    The flood put the A&W out of business for quite a while. Thankfully, they are back in business now.  In the days after the flood the A&W folks were among the strongest supporters of PeaceFest. It bought a lot of smiles to the faces of Peace River hamburger lovers to see them open, in a tent on the main street, at the We’re Back ’97 celebration. To assist others when your own lot is not looking so good is a credit to these terrific people.

    With the Peace River backed up the Heart River overflowed the dike at the bridge.

    There are little miracles everywhere. Two parrots, that had been inside the pet store in the mall, survived a few days of being in the water.

    This is not what was wanted when the water park was designed!!

    Believe it or not, there is a sidewalk and a street on the other side of the fence!

    If you look carefully you can see the trail of the loader showing the direction of the flow into the downtown.